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One thing leads to another, then another, then another…

Running out of fuel on a return journey against a nasty head wind is not on the top of any yachtie’s wish list, but doubly so when you are single handed and looking forward to a warm bed.

However some times these incidents can be a blessing in disguise, especially when they reveal problems with your boat you were blissfully unaware existed, ones that would have had far more calamitous outcomes than a humbling tow in.

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Burke Inflatable Life Jackets Discounted

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PFD Servicing

It is recommended that your PFD is serviced to the manufacturer's specifications which is usually either one or two years. Ideally this should be done by an authorised PFD servicing agent. The are many things that will cause your yachting PFD to fail inspection. The most common of these are;

- corrosion on cylinders

- damage to webbing

- damage to bladder

- oral inflation tube valve not functioning

- loss of green indicator tab

- heavy mould

Four Winds Marine provides authorised servicing of a range of inflatable PFDs. This means we are specifically trained by each brand to service their style of PFD.

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BOM Marine Warnings

Current weather warnings for Victoria, Australia including strong wind, gale, storm force and hurricane force wind warnings; tsunami; damaging waves; abnormally high tides; and tropical cyclones.